Yaz Settlement

Conditions for a Yaz Settlement

Yaz SettlementThe Yaz Settlement debate has been raging on for some time now. If you have been negatively affected by Yaz and you haven’t yet thought of getting your settlement, it is the ripe time for you to get on board. Yaz, a product of the Bayer Pharmaceutical Company, exposes its consumers to a number of very serious side effects. The blame lies squarely with Bayer; in their haste to realize unusual profits, they failed to warn the consumer of the deadly side effects that come with the consumption of their product. FDA has thrown its full weight into ensuring that Yaz does not cause any more harm, clearly Bayer went too far with this one. You also have a role to play by filing for your Yaz Settlement. You will need to have strong case build against Bayer if you hope to get your Yaz Settlement.

Considerations for a successful Yaz Settlement

As will be expected, Bayer will as much as possible avoid awarding you a settlement. They have already shown their thirst for money; a very dubious way of squeezing both money and life from their esteemed clientele. In the pursuit of your Yaz Settlement, you will thence need to be armed with concrete evidence. The evidence is basically a detailed medical report from your doctor, the attorney in charge of your case will need to review the report and ensure that it bears the needed weight. A good attorney-client relationship always produces the best results in court rooms.
Your medical report should show that you suffered side effects as a result of using Yaz, be they mild or serious.

The mild side effects range from nausea, migraines, nipple and vaginal discharges, varying moods and appetite, loss of scalp hair and general body weakness among others.

The serious Yaz side effects are however the most instrumental in getting you a Yaz Settlement, I will therefore concentrate more on them and go further to elaborate them further.

Pulmonary embolism from Yaz

This is a condition precipitated by the presence of a blood clot on the pulmonary arteries. This will inhibit the delivery of oxygen to vital body organs and tissues, inducing a slow-death scenario. The record of pulmonary embolism in your medical report gives you a head start in your Yaz Settlement claim.

Getting a gallbladder disease from Yaz

This organ generally aids in digestion by concentrating bile juice, the use of Yaz damages the gallbladder and the rectification of this condition will involve a painful and costly surgical procedure. Sadly, the gallbladder has to be removed in some advanced cases. If you realize your condition early enough, your Yaz Settlement would aid in correcting this misnomer.

Heart attack from Yaz

A blood clot in the human heart is the worst possible predicament that can befall an individual. Since Yaz is an initiator of this condition, it shouldn’t be too hard for the presiding Judge to join the dots and award you your settlement.

Blood Clots leading to a Stroke from Yaz

As with heart attack, a blood clot in the brain is equally devastating. Filing for a Yaz Settlement having suffered from a stroke is an instant guarantee.

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